A Review of Espresso Machines

If you are a coffee aficionado or if you are the type who only enjoys a cup of coffee occasionally, you know that a shot of espresso is a sure-fire way to perk you up. An espresso is prepared using a specialized coffee machine which uses high pressure to extract the essence of the ground coffee. Water is poured onto the espresso machine's water chamber, then ground coffee and paper filter is placed to start brewing the coffee. The ground coffee used for an espresso machine is made from coffee beans specifically selected for this coffee variant. The beans or the ground coffee itself can be bought from coffee specialty shops. If you are an avid espresso buff, then you might want to consider buying a good espresso machine so that you can brew a perfect cup right in your own home.

It is good to consider first the size of the machine that you want. The most basic espresso machine starts at about $100. The size varies from a 4-cup to a 12-cup machine, depending on the volume of coffee that you want to brew. For an espresso machine which is top of the line, you might need to dole out $1,000. You would also need other accessories like an espresso grinder, a metal hand tamper, a filter basket and a pump machine. If you want to have your own cafe at home, you can buy a piston espresso machine which is a little bit more expensive but will surely help you in making a wonderful espresso cup.

Here is an overview of some of espresso machines that you can use to start learning the art of making the perfect espresso cup: Gaggia Their newest model, the Gaggia Titanium SS Espresso Machine is sold for about $1,500. The model is quite costly, but if you are an espresso addict and you want to have only the best model in your kitchen, then this is a must-have. The parts and housing of the Gaggia Titanium are stainless steel. It also features programmable buttons to brew, grind and prepare the exact amount of espresso to fit your tastes.

Cleaning an espresso machine has never been easier with its removable brew group. Saeco Saeco features the V' Espresso Machine which sells for only $999. This automatic espresso machine offers a rapid steam feature which lets your coffee brew and steam almost at the same instant.

The V' Espresso includes a programmable digital display and adjustable settings to control the amount and strength of the espresso that you want the machine to brew. Kitchen Aid The Kitchen Aid Pro Line Espresso Machine can be purchased for $899. This is a semi-automatic espresso machine with a double boiler system. It also has a three-way solenoid valve that delivers pressure to brew the perfect espresso cup.

Nespresso The Nespresso D290 is one of the middle-cost brands of espresso machines at only $499. However, the capsules used in these machines are specially made by Nespresso. It has programmable buttons to brew the appropriate amount of liquid, depending on the number of shots of espresso. You can take your pick from a super automatic, state of the art espresso machine, a manual or a semi-automatic espresso maker. No matter which brand you choose, make sure that you follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions and in no time at all, you can brew a fantastic, perk-you-up espresso cup right in your own home.

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