Bistro basics: French fast food fuss-free and people-pleasingCHEF Philippe Chevalier has promised three bistro dishes for us to photograph, yet his kitchen at La Salamandre in Danville is spotless,

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you can do it - advice on cooking - include recipesCooking a beef roast couldn't be simpler or tastier. Use the tenderest of beef cuts; season it with a savory mixture of garlic, marjoram, lemon peel, and pepper

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Cooking With JazzGood food and good music are major components of the magnetism of New Orleans, and Juliet T. Robertson, a native daughter.

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Evoke, elicit, extract: essence - Back to BasicsThe true essence of a final dish boasts rich visual appeal, aromas, concentrated flavors, appealing textures, varying temperatures,

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Italian organic products ride popularity wave

FAIRFIELD, Iowa-Riding the crest of three waves-organic, Italian and gourmet-has buoyed the business at Purely Organic,

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New works cast regional eye on

New works cast regional eye on Because of the diversity of Italian cuisine, the food is, perhaps, best approached in terms of its regions. Two of the following books deal with the cooking of specific areas, while the third deals with country-style cooking in all of the regions.

The Italian job cross functionality

The Italian job cross functionality Since venturing into the crowded U.S. pasta market in 1996, Barilla (Parma, Italy) has survived a rapidly thinning, but still viable, dry pasta market valued at $1.1 billion. The company has even managed to

Italian cuisine much more

Italian cuisine much moreDamiano Martin, 252 pages, New York: HarperCollins, $34.95. Author Martin is the son of restaurateurs Mara and Maurizio Martin, who opened Osteria da Fiore in Venice, Italy, in 1978. It since has become a destination for world travelers.

Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine

Rainbow Green Live Food CuisineDr. Cousens insists that raw eating is far from dull. Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine features more than 250 recipes that have been tested and perfected by chefs at the card located in his Tree of Life

Bring Tuscany home

Bring Tuscany home Italy's charms-its people, its art, and especially its food-tend to cast a spell on visitors, and San Franciscans Donald Frediani and Renata Gasperi are no exception. They've been captivated by this seductive land, which they've visited 14 times in the past 25 years.