Banana Creme Crunch Bar at Starbucks Yummy

Thank God for global warming and climate change - this is wonderful! Do you know that banana crops are up because of the more tropical weather around our globe? This means that banana prices are coming down because bananas are going bananas and growing faster than rabbits.Luckily for our ancestors the chimpanzees and gorillas they are happy to. And do you know what else this means? It means that banana cream crunch bars at Starbucks are now available like never before and the prices are not very high and they are extremely good.I recently went into a Starbucks and ask them about the banana cream crunch bar and they gave me a sample to try and a couple to take home to write this article and to make sure that I got my facts straight on exactly how great they tasted.

And yes they are indeed yummy. Ah the benefits of being a writer!.Now you're probably asking what about the nutritional factors, amounts of fat, diet fiber and protein. Yes well, good question and I thank you for participating today and asking this question, it is good to see the citizens of the United States of America are concerned about their diets and the obesity problem which is pervasive in our society today.So, you know what, I did ask them about these things and it turns out that the banana cream crunch bar at Starbucks coffee only has 42 grams of fat and the dietary fiber is 30 grams and the protein is 7 g. So, all in all the banana cream crunch bar at Starbucks gets two thumbs up from Lance's product review project and "Writing for Food Scandal.

" Considers this in 2006 and go bananas!.

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By: Lance Winslow

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