Chivo Coco And Chicharrones de cerdo

Chicharrón de cerdo 2 lb of chopped bacon in boxes approximately ˝ inch Salt Preparation In a cauldron very hot, add the bacon and cook until it loses all the fat, once this is done, remove the greaves let them cool and add salt Chivo al coco Ingredients: 2 lb Chunks of Chivo Lemon juice 250cc of coconut milk 3 medium onions 5 garlic cloves 4 tomatoes Sweet pepper salt and pepper. Preparation: Wash the Chivo with lemon. Mix onions, tomatoes, sweet pepper, the garlic cloves into pieces and coconut milk.

Place the mixture in the bucket to fire, slow to boil. When broken boiling add the goat and cook until soften, and serve.

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