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In this article we're going to review what at least a majority of people in the United States view as the top 10 chocolate treats. The famous Gallop Poll does polls on just about everything, especially on what people like to eat. So it should come as no surprise that the most recent Gallop Poll done in 2005 shows that chocolate is the number one favorite dessert among people in the United States. But this poll went a little bit farther than most. Not only did it break down the favorite generic desserts but also broke down the ten favorite chocolate based desserts. The results showed that their was a quite a diversity in the chocolates that people enjoyed and the difference in numbers between 1 and 10 were not very far apart.

Having said that, a top ten list was still put together. Some of the items on it may come as no surprise to you. Others may be a total surprise. 10. Coming in at number ten was chocolate ice cream. The number one brand of chocolate ice cream was Bryers.

This probably should come as no surprise as here we get to combine two treats in one, ice cream and chocolate. It should be noted that this was simply plain chocolate ice cream with no toppings. 9. At the number nine position was chocolate covered cherries. To be more specific, this was actually chocolate covered jelled cherries and not whole cherries. You can usually find these in a box of chocolates purchased at a candy store.

8. The number eight chocolate treat is chocolate milk. The top brands are Hershey, Nestlé, Bosco and Cocoa Marsh. It should be pointed out that it is mostly children weighing in on this one which might explain why this choice fell so far down the list.

7. Coming in at number seven is the famous treat known as plain M&Ms. Kids and adults alike have been popping these things like pills for many years now. It should be noted that the reason M&Ms came in so high is not so much for their taste but for their convenience. Pop open the bag and gulp 'em down. Doesn't get any easier than that.

They're great at movies, which by the way is the number two snack at a movie behind popcorn. 6. In the number six spot is a hot fudge sundae.

There was no particular brand mentioned. It should be pointed out that the majority of those that responded said that preferred the sundae with whipped cream. It wasn't decided whether or not the whipped cream had any large effect on the hot fudge sundae's popularity. 5. Mid way through the list at number five we have chocolate brownies. Again, no brands were mentioned but the general consensus was that home made brownies, not from a mix, were the best.

These were a favorite at picnics. 4. The number four favorite chocolate treat was chocolate layer cake, a favorite at birthday parties. For that matter this was a favorite dessert for any special occasion and high on the list with children. 3. Coming in at number three was the Nestlé's Crunch Bar.

This is probably one of the most popular candy bars in existence next to the bar that came in at number two. 2. Yes, at number two is the original Hershey's chocolate bar that people have been eating for over a century. Many thought this would be number one on the list and were very surprised to find it at number two.

1. So what was number one? This came as a surprise to many people but the number one chocolate treat was Russell Stover assorted chocolates. This is the number one seller on Valentine's Day and the number one favorite chocolate treat of all time. Many people claim to be able to eat a whole box in one sitting. .

By: Michael Russell

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