Dont just eat but think twice

According to science food, shelter and clothes are the basic and the most important want of a certain human being. If any of the mentioned above is missing in a person's life then that could possibly be hell for that person. In today's world shelter and clothes are seemed to be grasped quite easily but it's the food for which many would kill some one.

No matter what we do in our daily life, we need food after every meal. It is advised from the doctors that one should maintain a fixed time schedule for having food. Everyday we see people running hear and there for food. Shelter and clothes are the amenities which can be bought once until you require it again but food is required daily, in fact twice or thrice a day.

As we have already understood that food is an important part of our life, we should also understand that good food leads to good health. No matter how compromising a person can be but there should be no comprises when it comes to food. One compromise done today can cause a lot of problem for tomorrow. Over eating is another bad element in a person's nature. This causes stomach ache and soon you would find gaining weight. What point does it prove by having your desired dish and gaining of heavy weight? People don't realize that over eating and fattening food are the main criteria for gaining weight.

Once they gain heavy weight and are at the verge of no reduction in their weight, this helps in inviting of many serious diseases. A fat person will surely have a heart problem, pain in their legs and other disease too. Arthritis is the most common problem faced by over weighted people.

One should always opt for healthy food which would give you all the nutrition required and will not help you to gain weight. Strict measures have to be kept if you want to eat healthy food. The first what you need to do is to erase the word 'junk food' from your mind's dictionary. That is the main key to gain weight.

It's true that junk food is considered to be quite tasty but this tasty food brings unhealthy diseases along with it. It's good to be a food lover unless you start eating wrong kinds of things like oily food, junk food, fattening products. There are a lot of restaurants where healthy food can be found. If you really want to concentrate on consuming only healthy food then you should start being choosy in terms of your food habits. One should say a big NO to unhealthy and unhygienic food.

Unhygienic food brings along many diseases like food poison. These diseases act like a short cut to lesser your money on medications. Fresh fruits and juices should be consumed on daily basis to keep your self fit. If you start following these instructions then you might not even require spending money on fitness centers.

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