Fatty facts about fats

Though considered fountain head for being out of shape only and only the big truth is that all fats are not bad for human system. There are fats that one must include in his diet in order to remain fit. And the other avoiding fats can be distinguished easily.

Tran's fatty fats which are responsible for raising "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and lowering "good" cholesterol (HDL) can be detected easily for their presence. These are present in hydrogenated form and hence their presence can be detected easily as hydrogenated fats have to be listed in the ingredient panel of food. Rancid fat is the other bad fat -- fat that has been mutated by oxygen, heat, moisture, and light. This fat is full of free radicals and can contribute to all the health and aging problems associated with them.

This genre of fat can be found in rancid butter. And just to get some taste one should not invite home the evil. All the people putting up in Fine Dining New York understand this healthy fact well. Source: Eats blog For more details visit .


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