How To Save Time Cooking Ahead

Cooking can be both rewarding and frustrating, depending on why and when you are creating your meal. If you are a busy person that has a hard time getting dinner on the table before 8 each evening, you might want to think about cooking ahead.Cooking ahead is the perfect solution for those people who love the taste of a homemade meal, but rarely have enough time to cook and actually enjoy it. The whole idea is to take a day and create your meals for the entire week.

For instance, if you have the weekends off, you can simply take a few hours on Saturday or Sunday to cook recipes for the entire week. You can bake chicken, make spaghetti, and more. Then you can freeze the meals in your freezer and be ready to pop them into the microwave or oven to be reheated throughout the week, when you most likely have very little time to prepare your food.

This trick is something that working parents often use. They feel too guilty when they have to feed their children fast food all week, so they choose to cook ahead instead and give their children healthy and delicious meals, without taking hours to prepare them throughout the work week.The best way to try cooking ahead is to coordinate your meals so that you won't be actually cooking five meals in one day. You should use the chicken that you cook for several of the meals, adding different things to create a different taste. Or, you can use the noodles from the spaghetti to go with a marinara sauce for one night and an oriental dish for another night.

Be creative and use your time wisely!.

.There are some easy low fat Indian recipes for you to try.

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By: Kimberly Chang

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