Its Potluck timea la Raw Food

For those of you who are desperately trying to diet, so you can fit into your bikini this summer, or just loose some weight by summer, and have always wanted to join some weight loss system, but don't know which one, may I suggest a simple, natural approach? Hippocrates said, "let food be your medicine, and your medicine be food". Simply put, avoid all harmful foods, and only eat what is good for you. Well now, this is just easier said than done, I know.

But for those who are determined to make some changes, I would like to suggest that they look for a raw food potluck in their area. The food and support may well be the "key" that helps you to stay tuned to your diet. I know I have greatly benefited by these potlucks. If you are interested in this at all, I encourage you to type the words "raw food potluck (your city)" into the google search engine, and see if there's anything near you. I think there are a fair amount of them out there, but if there's not one in your area, you could always start one of your own. Just invite at least 2 other people, and have them bring something totally raw, put on some nice music, and get a raw book or two from the library, or have a speaker come in, and have a great, healthy night gorging on raw food! These potlucks have often made a nice, unusual night out for my family, my children have enjoyed them, too.

Victoria Boutenko spoke at the first raw food potluck I ever went to, and it so inspired me, that I went raw that night for three months! Sometimes I regret coming off of it, but let's just say I know firsthand how beneficial raw food is! I felt great, looked great, and became a morning person! Miracle of miracles. I still enjoy a largely raw diet, and someday I will go on it again for an extended time, if not for good. These potlucks offer a lot of benefits. You will be introduced to like minded people, and often these people are very willing to offer moral support in between potlucks.

It gives you a raw night out, free! (Well, you have to bring a raw food dish, but other than that, you will most likely eat a wonderful raw meal that you might easily pay good money for elsewhere.We must not forget the benefit of collecting raw food recipes, often not found anywhere else! There have been times when I got a new recipe at one of these potlucks, and went home to see if it was in a book I had already, only to find it wasn't. Score. A great thing to bring to one of these potlucks, just so you're prepared to come home with some good recipes, is a blank recipe book, such as I have made available on my site. I wish I would've had one of these years ago! If you're thinking, ok, great place to go and find raw food recipes and meet people.

but I don't have a raw food recipe/dish to bring. You could bring something as simple as some watermelon cut up, and it will be well received. Or a bring plate full of grapes, and they'll be gone! Or you could type "raw food recipes free" in the google search engine, and try something new. Why not be adventurous? Look up a raw food potluck in your area, and enjoy a night being completely raw. Who knows? Maybe you'll decide to take the raw plunge, too.

Roxanne is the mother of nine beautiful children, and has long enjoyed healthy eating. She has a new website that has downloadable raw food recipe books, as well as a rare raw food recipe book...Visit:

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