Recipe Organization

Do you have recipe book after recipe book lined up on your kitchen counter taking up valuable counter space? Do you have a recipe drawer you throw your recipes in, and never able to locate the recipe when you need it? What are you plans for your recipes from My Country Kitchen?.The staff of My Country Kitchen love organized recipes that make your life easier. Computerized recipes make it easy to find recipes, stay organized and reduce the stress in your life. Create the following categories for your personal computerize recipe database.Appetizers.Beef.



Cookies.Crock Pot.Desserts.Food Mixes.Fruits.

Holidays.Italian.Jam/Jelly/Preserves.Copy Kat recipes.Marinades/Rubs.



Soup.Turkey.Veal.Vegetables.What I suggest is to mark off time on your schedule to enter your recipes on the computer.

Say 30 minutes a day or week, etc. Always remember to back up your recipe database.Make a new document for each recipe and then save that document under the specific category on your recipe database.Make a file for all your cooking tips.

Make a file for all your meals/grocery list you receive from My Country Kitchen.Go through each cookbook and enter your favorite recipes on your database under Cookbook recipes. Unless the cookbook has sentimental value, sale your cookbooks.

This will decrease your clutter. For the cookbooks that you are going to keep, make a chart with these subtitles: Recipe Name; Cookbook Name; and Page Number. This will allow you to find recipes in cookbooks easier.

.Betty Lynch, is the owner and chef of My Country Kitchen - a Menu Planning Service for the BUSY person! For more time saving tips and recipes, please visit My Country Kitchen, http://www.

By: B Lynch

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